ZIP LOCK bags 100% recycling

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Available types of bag
  • sliderbag zipper bag
  • sliderbag zipper bag with euro hole

We will make bags closed with a ZIPPER color and printing as needed.
We have many different strings, so each order is tailored to our customers' needs. The bags have specially reinforced sides, there is no risk of tearing the work so common in Chinese-made packaging.

As a manufacturer of zipper bags, we want to provide quality products, made of durable materials with various technical parameters, which fulfill their functions depending on the situation. We are in a technical condition, zip-lock bags in light by your size and color, as well as in the port quantity. Handles in handbags for convenient grasping and hanging. Bringing the production of food-approved bags and also affix the damage to them.

Zip bags with print can be made of thicker or thinner foil depending on their purpose. The ZIPPER closure is easy to use and is also extremely leak-proof. If you have any questions related to zip-bags, delivery date or cost of the order, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Take advantage of our offer.

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Nikola Pietrzak
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Justyna Lewandowska 
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