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Manufacturer of Stand Up Pouches , Standup pouches , Gusset Stand up pouches , Stand Up Zipper Pouches with printing 8 colours. Stand Up Zipper Pouches are one of the best display packaging options for your bulk items. These pouches stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset, and can be sealed perfectly with a zip closure to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.

We have several sizes and barriers available. From our high-clarity, high-barrier pouches that show each and every product, to our higher barrier metallic pouches that come in memorable colors and are ready for branding, we carry all types of zipper pouch bags for your bulk products.

The market for stand-up pouches grows every year. No surprise, as the stand-up pouch has a truckload of advantages to offer.

To begin with, the stand-up pouch is fully customizable according to your wishes and the requirements of your product. The material possibilities are endless and vary from a two-layer low barrier laminate to a fully plastic high barrier material composition. No matter how complex the laminate, still less material is required to produce a pouch compared to most rigid packaging solutions. And that means less waste.

The stand-up pouch (doypack style) can be equipped with additional lay-out options such as a recloseable zipper, euro-hole or tear notches with easy-open. Of course an excellent placement of your design through high quality flexo printing can be made, as well as your.


Basic features:

  • very high barrier
  • nontransparent
  • mechanical strength
  • very good weldability
  • metallic


Sample application:
coffee, spices, ketchup, nuts, almonds, household chemicals, food products packaging , food packing bags.

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